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July 21, 2020

Buku Guest Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Captain Only Charter?

Captain Only is a Bare Boat charter, in which, the client elects to hire the services of a professional Captain to sail and navigate the vessel on their behalf. In all other aspects it is a Bare Boat charter except the client does not need to meet the requirements of the VOYAGE charters Sailing Resume. A Captain Only Bare Boat charter can also include a Chef. In this case the client elects to hire a Chef who will assist with provisioning the vessel and preparing meals onboard. Additional fees apply for these services.

What is a Bareboat Only Charter?

A Bareboat charter is a Self Sailing vacation tailored to clients who have the experience to take charge of all aspects of their trip. Clients may opt for a Bare Boat Charter providing they can meet the minimum requirements of our VOYAGE charters Sailing Resume. A thorough vessel briefing (prior to departure) is always provided for all Bare Boat charters.

What Should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for existing weather conditions and activities.



Sun visor or brimmed hat

Deck Shoes or shoes/sandals with light colored soles


How many friends can I bring on a Charter?

This can get a bit tricky. Each boat has a posted “Passenger Capacity” on the listing. In general, the magic numbers are 12 passengers + Charterer (you) + Captain/Skipper & Crew… OR the regulated capacity of the vessel, whichever is less. In some cases, the boat may be limited to 6+ Captain & Crew. In either case, the Captain has the final authority

Where do we meet the boat?

The boat will pick you up from it’s home port marina, your private dock, or a convenient public dock nearby. Buku tries to find a safe and convenient meeting spot that works for both parties. Often, it is best to speak directly with your Charter Host to find the best place to load up. Even more, we recommend selecting a boat or yacht that is located close by to avoid additional fees.  *Because it is often against marina policy, we do not allow customers to meet at some private marinas.

What if we want to extend our time?

Sounds like you’re having a super time! If you are on a Charter, the Captain has the discretion to extend. If the Captain and/or Boat Owners’ schedules allow for more time, you can extend and your credit card will automatically be charged the additional time based on the hourly rate you agreed to at booking. Taxes and fees apply.


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