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How to be a Great Buku Host

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July 15, 2020
Staging Tips for Buku Hosts

Staging your boat is the key to captivating your charter guests. Buku’s chartering platform is 100% digital and your photos are the storefront for online shoppers. Your staged photos serve as a first impression and is your most influential marketing tool. While, Buku offers professional staging services as part of the upgraded profile package, hosts can follow these suggestions, in order to create an inviting advertisement that will attract even the most particular guests. Here are a few ways to snag customers, by using the power of staging.

Here are the suggested staging items and required photography guidelines to consider when posting your boat to the Buku Platform. Before taking photos of your vessel, take some time to arrange everything as if you were preparing to welcome your first guest. Your photos should both showcase your boats’ amenities and help set your guests’ expectations before they book.

Here are some tips for taking high-quality photos:

Take Pictures of specific areas of your boat:

  • Head (toilet & sink)
  • Cockpit & Helm
  • Sleeping Berths (each advertised person)
  • Eating arrangements (above & below deck)
  • Sitting or lounging area
  • Available Amenities (microwave, television, WiFi, Fishing rods, etc.)
  • Galley
  • Looking toward forward (bow)
  • Looking toward aft (stern)
  • Side profile

Resolution matters: Take photos that are at least 1024 x 683px. When in doubt, a bigger photo is better.

Take your photos in landscape format: Photos in search results are all displayed in landscape, as vertical photos won’t showcase your space as well.

Set the scene: Clean up and remove clutter.  Stage your boat to make the space look spacious and inviting.

Take photos during the day: Open the hatches, curtains, and turn on the lights to brighten the space.

Highlight unique amenities: Guests love to stay in comfortable, charming spaces, so call attention to seating areas, eating and sleeping areas, sun deck, bimini, and decorative items.

Showcase accessibility features: Emphasize features that are helpful to guests with limited mobility, such as wide doorways, step-free floors, and grab rails. Learn more about which features qualify and the best way to photograph them.

Utilize drone footage for aerial footage:

  • Drone Footage (wide shot and zoom)
  • Straight down (while in motion)
  • Circle the boat high
  • Circle it at eye level
  • Moving from bow to stern
  • Moving from starboard to port

Important Items to include when staging:

**Begin with a thorough cleaning

  • Throw Pillows (color coordinated)
  • Rug/runner
  • Towels n washcloths
  • Dress the bedding/sleeping areas
  • Set the table with place settings (we recommend a romantic and or casual tea setting)
  • Small plants, candles and strategically placed decorative items
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