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April 8, 2022

No Time Like Family Time

We are never too old or too young to enjoy new experiences. Maybe it’s time to allow BUKU to curate the best experience for you and your tribe…

Whether young or distinguished in age, BUKU doesn’t discriminate! Our goal from inception has been to grow our community of water lovers. We have been successful in doing this by sharing and recreating the experiences that caused us to fall in love with the vast seascape of the Chesapeake Bay (and beyond).

So why not plan your next BUKU boating adventure with your family? It’s time to get EVERYONE involved! (That means you too, grandma!)

From jet skis to tubing, anchoring to taking a dip, or just relaxing – we truly have something for everyone. Let our captains be your guide as you tour the seascape or cityscapes of the Chesapeake Bay. It can be thrilling to race over the water, feeling the adrenaline rush as your jet ski jumps over the wake from other boats. Or maybe you just want to take advantage of the beautiful weather and bond with the family while fishing and catching up on overdue conversation. Just like the various adventures that can be had on land, the water has just as much to offer. Constantly adding to our repertoire of ideas and packages surrounding water fun, we pride ourselves on our ability to curate water fun for ever and anyone. With Mother’s Day coming up, we are reminded of how important it is to celebrate family and each person’s role within a family.

Mother, I have learned enough now

To know I have learned nearly nothing.

On this day

When mothers are being honored,

Let me thank you…”

– Excerpt from “ Mother, A Cradle to Hold me” by Maya Angelou

BUKU is excited to have the opportunity to commemorate the moms in our life with our weekend long “Rosé on the Water”, wrapping up the weekend on that Sunday with our “Mother’s Day Mimosas and Rosé” Cruise. 

What would be a better way to celebrate with mom? Or maybe give mom a break and just send her off to relax and enjoy some bubbles among other mom friends. It doesn’t matter how this plays out as long as you are able to have some fun or give the gift of fun!

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