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March 23, 2022

Come Sail With Me

Ahh the Chesapeake Bay! The perks of living so close to the harbor means being able to take advantage of the beautiful, sunny days – spending them aboard a yacht with family and friends. Water lovers – like BUKU – truly understand how special places like the Baltimore Harbor really are.

With 200 miles of shoreline, the Baltimore Harbor is just a small taste of the Chesapeake bay. Stretching from Havre de Grace down to the Virginia beach – you can enjoy any background from a cityscape to enjoying a waterscape and everything in between. With such a gorgeous, ideal place for boating, why aren’t YOU on the water?

Maybe you have had moments, picturing yourself sunbathing on the bow with a balmy sea breeze that mellows out the harshness of any heat reflecting off the water. Quite possibly, you see yourself in the presence of family and friends, sipping your favorite drink with some music – adding to the overall ambience. Either way, like BUKU, your perfect day should be out on the water.

One problem, you don’t own a boat nor do you plan on committing to boat ownership anytime soon.

BUKU is here to solve that for you.

Our understanding surrounding the burdens associated with boat ownership has allowed us to take the idea of boat sharing to the next level. By creating a synergistic relationship between ourselves, boat owners and water lovers – BUKU has turned boat sharing into a profitable [for boat owners and captains], curated experience [for water lovers] that is ideal for everyone.

Unlike traditional boat, sailboat and yacht charters in the Chesapeake Bay – BUKU is all about creating a mutually beneficial and positive experience for all parties involved. For boat owners, we look to offset the costs associated with ownership and provide an opportunity to generate residual income. By having captains and crew on hand, we look to give boat owners peace of mind when it comes to the operation of their vessel as well as creating a safe environment that water lovers can sit back and enjoy. Captains and crew benefit from the ability to be self-employed, relishing in the flexibility of making their own schedules. Water lovers, of course, get to enjoy the fact that everything is taken care of.

Before you look for a yacht club or boating club, or a pricey sailboat rental on the Chesapeake Bay this summer, give the latest trend of boat sharing at BUKU a try.

Enjoy carefree, instant boat reservations or overnight sailing trips on the Chesapeake Bay on your own terms. Revel in a stress-free environment surrounding your next water adventure, let BUKU do that for you!

Bon Voyage!

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